【 Product of Liquefied CO2 Factory 】
Liquefied Carbon Dioxide
is recovered from the process of VAM & AAL by using own developed technology. Carbon Dioxide is a colorless gas under atmospheric pressure with a faintly pungent odor and acid taste.
Specification of Liquefied CO2
Assay molar% 99.995 Min. 99.9988 Min.
Total Hydrocarbocs(as methane) molar ppm 5   Max. 0.3 Max.
Ar/O2 molar ppm 10  Max. 1   Max.
H2 molar ppm - 5   Max.
CO molar ppm 5   Max. 0.5 Max.
N2 molar ppm 20 Max. 4   Max.
Dew Point*  °C -70 Max. -77 Max.
* The above specification is subject to change without any notice.
* Please refer to our Sales Personnel or web-site for latest information.
*  at atmospheric
【 Flow Sheet of Liquefied CO2 】