Mai-Liao Factory
 In 1998, to comply with Government's national industry policy “Root on Taiwan”, Dairen Chemical Corporation (DCC) joined with Formosa Plastics Group to invest“No.6 Naphtha Cracker Project." It was approved and qualified as a major national economic development project by Government in 1999.

 Yunlin Mai-liao Factory, with a total site area of 84,459 M2, is located at Formosa Plastics Group Industrial Zone, Mailiao, Yunlin County, Taiwan. The first VAM plant was constructed at Yunlin Mai-liao Factory with a initial capacity of 240,000 MTY by using a self-developed catalyst and process in March 2000. The plant had been operated at full capacity right after the started up in April 2001. In August of 2003, the capacity was further increased to 300,000 MTY by debottlenecking and becomes the largest VAM plant with single reactor in the world.

 Taking the geographic advantage of Yunlin Mai-liao Industrial Zone and its Harbor, together with DCC's supreme technology and R&D capability, the 350,000 MTY VAM plant in Nov. 2005, 60,000 MTY PTG plant in Sep. 2006, 200,000 MTY Allyl Alcohol plant and 120,000 MTY 1,4-BDO plant in Nov. 2006 that all were joined the production lines, the Mailiao factory that will become the most production base of DCC.


Main Products
  Vinyl Acetate
  Allyl Alcohol
  2-Methyl- 1,3-Propanediol
  Liquefied Carbon Dioxide
  Location:No. 25, Formosa Industrial Park, Mai-Liao 638, Yunlin, Taiwan
  Factory Area:84,459 M2
  Set-up Date:March, 2001
  Employees:230 persons (2010)

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