Kaohsiung Factory
 Kaohsiung Factory, with an area of 42,180 M2, is located at Ta-She Petrochemical Industrial Zone, where the first VAM plant with a capacity of 85,000 MTY was built by DCC under the license of Bayer AG (Germany) in March 1983.

 In 1984, EA plant with a capacity of 16,000 MTY by using self-developed technology was started commercial production, the capacity was then increased to 30,000 MTY immediately after full operation. In 1986, the first EVA production line with a capacity of 2,700 MTY was successfully commercialized. By 1996, the EVA production had been expended to 8 lines with a total capacity of 70,000 MTY. Meanwhile, through the successful research and improvement on catalyst and de-bottleneck of process, VAM capacity was increased up to 120,000 MTY from 85,000 MTY. The first line of VAE re-dispersible powder was built with a capacity of 1,000 MTY in 1994, then it was expanded to 10,000 MTY in 2000. After the completion of 240,000 MTY VAM new plant at Yunlin Mai-Liao Factory, the existing old VAM plant at Kaohsiung Factory was switched to produce AAL to supply as a raw material for 1,4-BDO production at Ta-Fa Factory.

 In 1993, Kaohsiung Factory was certified by ISO-9002 then 14001 and OHSAS-18001 in following years. After DCC participated and joined the Responsible Care Program in 2000, Kaohsiung Factory started to implement this program on site. With a mission of first born child of DCC, Kaohsiung Factory definitely would play as a role model for other factories on the way of DCC's globalization.
Main Products
  Vinyl Acetate Monomer
  Ethyl Acetate
  Allyl Alcohol
  Liquefied Carbon Dioxide
  Vinyl Acetate-Ethylene Emulsion  
  Vinyl Acetate-Ethylene Redispersible Powder
  Location:1-3 Hsing-Kung Road Ta-She Industrial Zone 815 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  Factory Area:42,180 M2
  Set-up Date:June, 1979
  Employees:177 persons (2012)
  Tel:886-7-351-4151(6 lines)

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