Dairen Chemical Corporation (DCC) is a joint venture between Chang Chun Group (Chang Chun Petrochemical and Chang Chun Plastics) and Nan Pao Resins in 1979. The main function of DCC is to manufacture and supply VAM, a main raw material for production of PVA and PVAc, to parent companies. The first VAM plant with an annual capacity of 85,000 MTY was licensed by Bayer AG (Germany).

 DCC devoted its effort on R&D since its establishment. DCC successfully developed VAM down stream related products including EA, EVA Emulsion, VAE Re-dispersible Powder, Pyridine as well as high efficient catalyst for VAM production. In 1998, DCC transferred self-developed technology of Pyridine on turn key basis to CCP (Miao-Li Factory).

 DCC also decided to develop the process to synthesize 1,4-BDO with a capacity of 30,000 MTY at Ta-Fa Factory to supply CCP (Kaohsiung Factory) for PBT production. Following the successful operation of 1,4-BDO plant, first 10,000 MTY of PTG plant was built with the technical cooperation of Hodogaya Chemical (Japan) in 1999.
 By 2016, DCC has reached annual revenue of NT$ 49.6 billion and with three factories in Taiwan (Kaohsiung Ta-She, Kaohsiung Ta-fa and Yuanlin Mai-liao), one in Malaysia (Johor) and one in China (Yizheng, Jiangsu).
Through its twenty years continuous effort and emphasis on R&D and quality improvement, DCC is able to win reputation from the customers all over the world. Such value added together with its globalization and e-enterprise strategy, DCC will provide even better quality products and in-time service globally in the future.
  • Established:1979
  • Capital:NT$ 3.084 Billion
  • Head Office:Located at Taipei
  • Kaohsiung Factory:Located at Ta-She Industrial Zone, Kaohsiung
  • Ta-Fa Factory:Located at Ta-Fa Industrial District, Kaohsiung
  • Mai-Liao Factory:Located at Formosa Industrial Park,Mai-liao, Yunlin
  • Dairen Chemical (M) Sdn. Bhd.:Located at Johor, Malaysia
  • Dairen Chemical (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd.:Located at Jiangsu, China
Vinyl Acetate 1000,000 Allyl Alcohol 740,000
EVA Emulsion 330,000 1,4-Butanediol 630,000
VAE Powder 52,000 2-Methyl- 1,3-Propanediol 126,000
EVCL(EVA-VC / EVCL) 11,000 n-Propanol 63,000
Vinyl Acetate 30,000 iso-Butanol 63,000
Nitrogen 35,000 AMPO 500
Liquefied Carbon Dioxide 28,000 Polyteramethylene-Ether-Glycol 300,000
    Tetrahydrofuran 510,000