Focus on R&D
 Innovation is a motive engine of DCC's operation, therefore, DCC allocates a lot of budget and man power into research & development work. Not only on new product development, new process research and production improvement, DCC also devotes themselves to energy saving, high-valued by-products, waste recycling, environmental protection and safety.

Dairen continual invests in R&D, and has been granted more than 50 patents by different countries, of which 90% have been put into commercial process.
DCC's focus on R&D has turned out many successful achievements, such as:
  • Hydrogenation of Vinyl Acetate to Ethyl Acetate
  • Vinyl Acetate and Ethylene copolymerization of EVA emulsion
  • EVA spray dry process for EVA redispersible powder
  • Improved VAM catalyst performance and successfully built world largest VAM plant with single reactor
  • Semi-conductor grade Liquefied Carbon Dioxide from purification of waste gas
  • Recovery of Acetaldehyde from VAM plant's waste
  • Synthesis of Pyridne from the recovery Acetal-dehyde of VAM plant
  • Development of 1,4-butanediol production process from Allyl Alcohol
  • Developed Allyl Acetate catalyst and converted existing VAM plant to produce Allyl Alcohol
  • Improved PTG process and successfully scaled up to world scale
 DCC will continue focus on research and development to offer the best quality and service to our customers.