Commit to Quality
 With a commitment to quality, DCC continuously improve its quality control and management to assure its valued customers to obtain the best quality products and services.

 DCC implements ISO-9002 Quality Assurance System since 1992, and was qualified by DNV in 1993 and DCC never stop its effort on quality control, improvement, and management in its daily operation. In 2003, DCC and all its oversea subsidiaries passed the qualification of ISO-9001:2000 Quality Management System under a enterprise integrated audit program.

 In order to reach such commitment to quality and to provide the best quality products and services to customers, all DCC employees have to fully understand and implement the spirit of our corporate policy at their work.
Our quality statements are as follows:
  • Make continous improvement through feedback from all systems and maximize the benfits of the customers and employees.
  • Ehance employees' recognition that quality is everyone's responsbility via communication and education.
  • Provide necessary material resources, technologies, man power, and good working environment to ensure quality requirements will be met as part of accomplish of our business goals.
  • Grow with our customers and suppliers (or business partners), striving to innovate and improve quality.
  • Ensure that all activities relating to quality is conducted in full compliance with regulatory guidelines and product design.
  • Establish effective communication channel in collecting feedbacks from the customers and employees, and make continus improvement by emphasizing procedure improvement and systematic management.