【Application for EVA-VC】
The main applications are as follows:
It has excellent water resistance and fire retardant property as well as cross-linking property to provide good cohesion and adhesion with wide range of materials, especially adhesion to fiberglass, metal, PVC film, porous substance woods and wall paper. It forms a clear film with low surface tackiness, good resistance to alkali, light and aging.
Grades for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate-Vinyl Chloride Terpolymer Emulsion
Grade  Solid content*wt%  Viscosity
on set,oC 
Application Table
Adhesion Painting Textile
Furniture  PVC leather  Car industry  Paper & Packaging  Latex paint  Fabric &Nonwovens 
DA-901 50±1 1000~3000 0          
DA-903 50±1 10~200 20      
DA-905 50±1 10~100 30        
★ Recommended ● Useful
Adhesives Textile Treatment


‧Excellent bonding strength
‧Excellent water and heat resistance
‧Excellent flocking strength
‧High resistant to water and solvent
‧Flame retardant
Non-woven Fabric Binder Paper Impregnation Binder


‧Good wet strength
‧Flame retardant
‧Good tensile strength
‧Good bending strength
Car Sheet & Carpet Backing Coating


‧High dry and wet bonding strength
‧Flame retardant
‧Good heat resistance